Photo Source: International Fund for Agricultural Development
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The African continent has been orchestrating an ecosystem that invites farmers, exporters, and investors to collaborate and strengthen the agricultural investment strategy. While the landscape of amalgamating financial capital and the expansive exposure, the structure aims at uplifting the spine of the nation- the farmers. This commences with a notion of a greener world so no land is left barren, the profit is mutually shared and new agricultural transformation is brought home.

A dearth in the exposure of farmers to the direct market opportunities that restrict their growth chain is a huge challenge encompassing the agricultural domain. Farmers in Africa are often at the receiving end of a lack of identifiable resources to fully explore the nationwide market and get the right return for their commodity. There is usually insufficient awareness and restricted markets at reach for farmers who underpay them for their commodities. These elements are also affected by the scanty agricultural investment that makes huge land pieces go barren.

Bridging the investment opportunity gap in this agro-tech entity is leading to the empowerment of farmers. There is a multitude of start-ups across the African continent that is not only bringing stakeholders to invest in agricultural land but also the barren land, bringing it back to life and giving farmers their deserved livelihood. This is also enabling the farmers to be economically independent, socially aware, and agriculturally literate by making the wider market access to them. Exploring technological advancement, start-ups like Farmcrowdy, Livestock Wealth, Bulrush Agritech to name a few, help deploy the resources and utilities that farmers can use and flourish.

Key Benefits offered by the distinctive strategies of agro-tech startups include value-addition marketing is helping customers receive more monetary benefits in return by the consistent approach of using cost-effective technology. They help generate more revenue for investors from the agricultural investment that not only benefits the stakeholders but lets them contribute to a greener mother nature. Driving with the key point of uplifting farmers and their livelihood, the agro-tech start-ups coordinate with investors, exporters to create a direct marketplace offering the right price for commodities. Running with the belief of contract farming and CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture), the agro-tech start-ups are pacing ahead with eco-friendly and organic farming procedures. Unlike many investment platforms, agro-tech start-ups give farmers, landowners the opportunity to invest and receive better returns.

The agro-tech businesses are driven by the objective of making a greener planet without compromising on the benefits of the farmer’s toil, linking them with investors, landowners, and customers. With huge funding amounts received the agro-tech startups are envisaging a safe investment platform in Africa that offers high returns and empowers the farmers of the nation.

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