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Young entrepreneur, Agripina Ndoho Ngumu Bindang, 30 years old has started a business called AfrikChic by Ndoho which uses Ankara or Kente materials to make shoes, bags, necklaces, tiaras, earrings, bracelets, hair ornaments and more. 

In an exclusive interview she said “she is an introverted kind of personality with a spirit full of creativity. She was born in Ebibeyin, in the Kie Ntém Province of Equatorial Guinea.  When she was 8 his parents divorced, leaving her brothers and her with her mother in Malabo Island, where she is currently residing. She went to Santa Teresita High School and then  enrolled for a business management course at the National University of Equatorial Guinea but dropped out because she got a scholarship to study at the National Institute of Hydrocarbon Technology (ITNHGE). There she learned about mechanical engineering, processes, electrical and instrumentation disciplines, and obtained a diploma and other in Pharmacy Technician at AFOREPFA (Academia de Formación y Reciclaje de Personal Farmacéutico) technical school still in Malabo.

Her biggest accomplishment

Acknowledgement and admiration she gets from people every time she participates in an exposition. She has taken part in two of such events and she used the opportunity to promote her work. 


Requirement equipment that will help take her business to the next level. Because now she is only able to line the shoes and bags made with Ankara material and the machines will help make the shoes by herself.  

Her message to youth

My message to the youth in Africa is, let’s stop waiting for others to find solutions to the problems we face in our continent. God gave us different kinds of talents to make our continent succeed. Let’s use our talents to make Africa a much better place. Let’s do it with love, passion and strength.

We, the youth, are the solutions to our problems. We must take full ownership!

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