Ethiopia inaugurates new tourist attraction in Addis Ababa
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Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia this morning inaugurated a new tourist attraction developed on the Entoto Mountain in the capital, Addis Ababa. Developed on Entoto Mountain, Entoto Park is developed by collaboration in the private sector with the government. It is part of the initiative launched by Prime Minister Abiy a year ago as “Gebeta Lesheger” project, which envisaged to clean and turn river streams and undeveloped areas in Addis Ababa into clean tourist attraction sites.

The Entoto Park inaugurated today is a densely forested area considered as the lung of Addis Ababa. Many of Ethiopia’s legend long-distance runner has been using Entoto forest for training. Different recreational businesses such as cafés, restaurants, park, sport and spas are opened today for both foreign and domestic visitors. Major Ethiopian coffee brands such as Kaldis, Tomoca, and one of the pioneering Ethiopian resorts Kuriftu are among the businesses opened today at Entoto Park

Source: New Business Ethiopia

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