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Ever wondered why all the tycoons, magnates and even the daily office-goers walk with a regal air? How do they get the gusto to go around with the monotonous day’s work yet at a pace to look astounding? Well, tedious or not tedious, a plush sense of style has the strength to articulate the entire outlook of a person from the outside as well as inside. Or so the air has turned regal in the post-Covid office revivals.

And, what makes an even more interesting statement are the bold colours gushing through the fashionistas frame driving the world to interesting style choices. A colourful vogue has an array of complementing ensembles that can save your boring day at the office. And African fashion, with its experimentation in gorgeous colours, plays the best spring and summer collection of your wardrobe.

To start with, Linens to match your mood. Offices are not always a fun place to be, and when it comes to post-Covid office days, it could turn even boring. With work from home, people have been attending their offices in their home wear. Sad, we know! Boring too, but it does give a sense of comfort. Nut, tell us, does your lounge shirt give you the extra creativity you need for office work or bring them down. We all know the answer and linens are the best way you can overcome that boring work from home office life while still being comfortable in a clothing piece. This faster-than-cotton drying piece can be your best friend during these tough times.

Culottes are a total savour. Aren’t French clothes a global style statement, we say try culottes and you will know why this part of the earth is best in its clothing line. A garment that is both stylish and comfy, it makes for the impeccable office fashion statement piece. The best part is this versatile lower half garment is apt for both HIM and HER. And, if you pick yours in the colour Black, you will make a choice that invites any sort of upper half clothing and a myriad of compliments. So, be it Monday or Friday- culottes will never disappoint the office goer. 

Experiment with the awesome trousers. An office-goer can wear a variety of shirts or blouses but if you mess with your trouser, the whole look dilapidates. This is the vitality of an awesome pair of trousers, so choose it wisely. Your best bet- choose one in black while keeping the quality at the optimum level.

A formal dress drizzles elegance. Women’s clothing line can be a bit complicated especially when it is official attires. Little, do women know that there are ensembles and even dresses that can make for ideal regalia? Pick the colour and experiment around it in a long-sleeve two-piece formal attire, a knee-length classic blacking-grey sleeved or sleeveless dress, the perfect formal skirt to go with a shirt or even an A-line dress to match your Friday mood. So, women, pick your comfort and walk with professional air in your clothes. 

Meeting ready with the finest coat. So, you have an office meeting and you wish to go beyond your usual shirt and trousers combo to a bit more professional look. Why not pick a classy coat for its mood of versatility and power of sophistication. Call it a suit coat, a blazer, a formal jacket to get a better understanding, any of this works perfectly with your usual formal wear. And what is even better is that a formal coat is not gender-biased and suits both HIM and HER. So, why bother to wait, when you can pick your favourite coat and walk like a boss man/ boss lady.

Should you want an interesting day at the office while oozing sophistication with a touch of elegance, choose the one you love the most. There is a fleet of African styles that is awaiting your pick and makes an entry that stuns your own self.

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