Four-thousand-year-old Temple and Mummies Discovered in Egypt
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A major discovery of a four-thousand-year-old funerary temple has been discovered in Egypt. Also inside the temple, a trove of ancient treasures has been found including coffins with mummies. The miners dug for 14 years. Then the archaeologists uncovered the temple belonging to Queen Nearit, wife of King Teti, in Saqqara, south of Cairo, Egypt.

The mission also found statues, stelae, toys, burial shafts, wooden boats and funerary masks plus a five-meter (yard) long papyrus depicting chapter 17 of the book of the dead.

During excavations, 22 burial shafts were found and inside these shafts quite 50 wooden coffins uncovered, dating back to Egypt’s the New Kingdom. The coffins are decorated with many scenes depicting Egypt’s Gods that were worshipped during this era.

This major discovery could become a collaboration with the Ministry of Antiquities. It is situated at Bibliotheca Alexandrina and therefore the Zahi Hawass Center. Zahi Hawass, Egyptologist and former minister of antiquities said after the discovery that “The most vital discovery actually, in my opinion, is that the temple, the funerary temple, belongs to the present pyramid. This is dated back 4,200 years ago, Dynasty Six of the old kingdom and truly beside this temple we found the cargo area. They store inside the tools that they used for the rituals inside the temple”.

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