ILO Programme Workshop: Pathways to Employment
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The International Labour Organization (ILO) programme, Egypt’s Youth Employment (EYE): The Norwegian government-sponsored workshop in Qalyubia and Menoufia will concentrate on the “Ways to Jobs: What works, what does not, and how can we innovate?””This was planned for March 2nd, 2020. This workshop serves as a forum for sharing knowledge and data on acquired knowledge and best practice in successful workplace programs.

The Workshop will discuss current labor market dynamics, ILO Global Youth Transfer Projects, and provide an opportunity to explore the needs of technical support to solve obstacles and challenges, to share best practice examples, to establish practical solutions to planning and to create better wage labor schemes. In this sense the workshop will be held.

Eric Oechslin, ILO Director–Cairo Office confirmed that the current workshop would foster collaboration in addressing the need for consulting services in the area of program development. Oechslin added that the event would provide an excellent opportunity to network and create a collaborative network of partner organizations and stakeholders. It further clarified that this is the overall approach of the ILO, providing national and development partners in Egypt with advice and technical assistance on jobs and providing youth with access to job chances, which give them a decent salary, job security and good
working conditions. Oechslin stressed that the international community and the ILO’s most clear foothold in Sustainable Development Goals are committed to making a decent work for young people a reality, and experience showed that the execution of this pledge requires consistent and solid action covering a wide range of programmes. It also needs an integrated approach which articulates policy support based on two key aspects: an integrated growth strategy and jobs creation strategy, on the one hand, and targeted intervention to help young people to overcome unique obstacles and disadvantages that they face when they enter and stay in the labor market.

In addition, Ms. Nashwa Belal, CEO of the EYE project Technical Advisor added that “Pathways for Jobs” will put key players together to set up new and existing work structures. Participants included in particular government policy makers in employment and education, the private sector, civil societies and development projects. Including the introduction of illustrative experience and new innovations in the area of job programs by the participants. Belal also claimed that this would include reflections and suggestions on how to combine and incorporate the different schemes presented.

Data Source: International Labour Organisation (ILO)

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