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Photo Data Source: Businesstech
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CareerJunction has published its latest monthly jobs index for August 2020, showing which job skills are currently the most sought-after in South Africa. The CareerJunction Index (CJI) represents online labour dynamics in South Africa by providing a detailed analysis of the relative ratio of supply and demand in the online job market. The CJI is based on comprehensive data gathered from the CareerJunction website. The latest CJI settled at 100 index points indicating no significant changes in the local online recruitment market. Trending jobs for August 2020 include software developers, systems/network administrators and middle/department managers.

Systems / Network Administration 

Average salary offerings for intermediate level positions per month:

 GP: R32,929 to R44,761WC: R32,598 to R40,455KZN:  R34,667 to R38,704
Software development 

Average salary offerings for intermediate level positions per month: 

GP: R35,397 to R47,223WC: R35,828 to R48,328KZN: N/A
Middle/Department management 

Average salary offerings for intermediate level positions per month: 

GP: R50,303 to R61,943WC: R44,356 to R54,574KZN: R42,755 to R53,578

The most wanted skills

CareerJunction reports that software developers, middle/department managers and representatives or sales consultants currently have the three most in-demand skills in the world. The demand for software development skills has fallen since the start of the national Covid-19 lockdown. In August for the first time in six months, the recruitment activity for software developers showed positive growth.

In the last three months, demand for middle and departmental managers has gradually increased. Since May, management recruitment has increased by 75%. The group says slowly strengthening the recruitment activity for sales consultants. The market for sales consultancy services increased by 31% since May after a decrease in recruiting activities in the second quarter of 2020.

There are certainly the most sought-after industries in the areas of the IT, company & management and finance, followed by sales, management, office and support and engineering, among others. However, when you look at active job seekers in different industries, high supply areas are very similar to high demand, supply in certain areas exceeds demand, leading to a competitive atmosphere for job seekers.

Since May, the recruiting activities have been taken up for professionals in the business & management, the manufacturing and assembly and logistics sectors. The demand for labour is expected to increase despite a decrease in recruitment during August. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the medical and health sector saw the highest rates of labour demand growth in the past six months.

Data Source: Businesstech

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