E-Sehyog launched by KS infosystems
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E-Sehyog has been developed by K.S. Infosystems Private Limited. It helps the government agencies in giving support and resolution to the public grievances related to COVID-19. It is one such solution which will make grievance handling more efficient and less time will be spent on resolving them.

The Indian government has also initiated many steps to counter COVID-19 during lockdown across the country. Helplines have been set up to answer public grievances, queries and requests for assistance. Due to the current crisis, most of the calls are unanswered and a large proportion of internal migrants are crossing the city boarders from urban to rural areas. Thus, the Government needs to address them by performing health check-ups and accordingly issue entry passes to prevent further outbreak of the virus in the rural areas.

COVID-19 is spreading rapidly and it is the need of the hour that all of us should work in tandem to eradicate this disease from our society. E-Sehyog can be one of the solutions which will not only help us serve our community better but will also be an aid in the process of fighting COVID-19. Presently it has been implemented in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh as “Syanu” and in Gurdaspur, Punjab as “Sahyog” app. Rohit Khattar, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of K.S. Infosystems Private Limited has taken the initiative and led the entire team to execute this entire project successfully.

It is a multi-solution to many challenges faced by Government agencies:

  • The number of queries much higher than the staff handling them.
  • The single person handles queries related to different departments.
  • The same number cannot be assigned to multiple users.
  • Multiple platforms are being used to help the citizens, and the coordination is time-consuming.
  • Citizens/Public cannot track the request made by them and do not get any notification.
  • Sometimes relevant queries and emergency requests are lost in the queue, and the public has to suffer.
  • Lack of coordination between departments and questions lost in transit between them.
  • Lack of awareness in internal migrants and monitoring by the Government

Features and Advantages of the E-Sehyog :

  • It drastically reduces the turnaround time for processing public requests.
  • It allows the government agencies to expand the bandwidth of the people working towards resolving open issues.
  • It gives you the flexibility of customizing the platform as per the needs of a particular department to automate the processes.
  • The live notifications sent to the complainant reduce public anxiety and helps in maintaining law and order.
  • As one single app can handle multiple tasks, it can help in saving time, money and efforts, and all these three are very precious at this hour.
  • It gives the higher authorities a perfect system to monitor the work done and improvise as per the requirement.
  • It will help the government in achieving better coordination between different departments.
  • The user doesn’t have to remember different numbers for different queries and can send all their questions to one number on WhatsApp.
  • E-Sehyog App is very user friendly, and multiple users can access the platform through their mobile phone or computer or laptop.
  • Information security is also given priority, and only the authorized users can access the platform.
  • As the flow of queries is usually very high, the department can create the “N” number of users to access those queries and resolve them.
  • This app is very flexible and can be customized to perform various different tasks like issuing curfew passes, free ration, handling medical emergencies, etc.
  • The best part about this app is you can do the segregation of queries and assign them a priority so that essential tasks are handled first.
  • It has options of sending an instant notification to the complainant and to the concerned authority.
  • It can handle tasks like issuing ration coupons, and curfew passes to the public.
  • The entire process is online and less time consuming, and the level of automation can be set as per the urgency and regulation required on the task.
  • The complainant can track his request live and does not panic and run here and there breaking the lockdown.
  • The system helps to monitor quarantine patients and helps the government about their movements and daily updates on their health with GIS and GPS technology.

For more detail: Visit the website: K.S. Infosystems Private Limited

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