India ready to share rural development strategy with Ghana
Photo Credit: Sugandh Rajaram, India High Commissioner to Ghana
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The Indian High Commissioner, Mr Sugandh Rajaram, said that his country was prepared to help Ghana develop its rural economies. India has successfully promoted agriculture, computer technology, and energy supply in its rural areas. 

“We can share our expertise with Ghana in the spirit of cooperation towards improving living standards,” he said. 

In his working visit to the Volta Region he spoke during a kind appeal to Togbe Afede XIV, the Chief of Asogli State Paramount. In the days of independence from a common colonial master and through cultural connections, he said that the two nations have shared their bonds. 

Mr. Rajaram said that over 16,000 Indians are operating in the Ghana economy, and that the education, health and ICT sectors of India are also covered by the thousands. 

The High Commissioner said leaders of both nations have worked to maintain the existing relationship and identified as priority areas the small and medium-sized enterprises and developing rural economies. 

“We have many Indian companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. You want to go to Ghana and see how you can work with the Ghanaian companies to seize the opportunity. It’s an enormous synergy.” 

“Our priority is to work towards priority areas. We are looking at the farming, manufacturing, and services sectors,” he said. 

The Commissioner further stated that India pursues economic integration with Ghana as part of its African engagement, which focuses on finding ways to build the continent into the world’s “biggest economy.” 

He said that the country already made Ghana a priority in its creation on the mainland and supported the key development of infrastructure, including transport. 

The Commissioner stated that India focuses more on building human resources and systems capacity and would provide bursaries for young people and students in the fields of ICT, health and other specialist fields. 

“India will not stay behind when offers from countries like Ghana come up,” he stated. 

Mr Rajaram said that India was already investing in the region of Volta and wanted to expand its farm practices. 

In addition, India has developed expertise in the development of tourism infrastructure and aims to improve the sector in the region and in the nation as a whole.  Togbe Afede said the tourism potential of the region remained its brightest and that the people were highly educated, hard working and welcoming, making them a world-class destination. He said that the Volta Region will undergo massive industrialisation through the building of sea, land port and rail infrastructure, adding that investors would be happy to help make the most of their potential for all. Togbe Afede said the leaders and the people are ready for the industrialization agenda and to work with investment.

Data Source: Ghana web

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