India's TechEagle plans to start drone deliveries in Ethiopia
Photo credit: India's TechEagle plans to start drone deliveries in Ethiopia
Photo source: indian startup news
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Techeagle Innovations, a drone startup in Gurugram, India will begin  beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS), which is to start delivering drones to Ethiopia. It will deliver healthcare and other essential items in Ethiopia by partnering with an Ethiopian e-commerce company Addis Mercato. Techeagle is currently seeking formalities with Ethiopia, and the two companies are looking forward to starting this operation in the first quarter of 2021. It will be the  first commercial drone delivery service in Ethiopia. 

Techeagles has said that the drones can be used to carry deliveries and are capable of vertical take-off and landing and precision navigation. Also, the drones can also detect and avoid visual identification and smart flight path planning with real-time redundant network connection, and scheduling capabilities.  The founder of TechEagle, Vikram Singh Meena said that drones with their fast  delivery response time to emergency situations could save many human lives and will also create new job opportunities for people. Also The company believes that the on-site drone logistics network will enable the delivery of goods four times faster and at half the cost. Despite this, these services will also have a zero-carbon footprint.

Data source:  Indian startup news

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