Interview: Kho Kho potential in Ghana
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Interviewee: Johnson Kwaku Gameli Kportufe(Ghana)

Interviewer: Ms.Kanika Soni, Featured Columnist

Q1.What is your opinion about Kho-Kho?

A1. Kho-Kho is an interesting and educational game. I personally can associate myself to the game because of its similarities with one of our Ghanaian indigenous games, anti-ekyire. Kho-Kho though technical is easy to play when you become conversant with the rules. 

Q2.What are your strategies to make Kho Kho into the mainstream game?

A2. Myself together with a sports organization called SportDrive is developing strategies and policies for its acceptance into National sports. However, through the instrumentalities of the mentioned sports organization, we have been able to introduce Kho-Kho into many mainstream sports in most schools in Ghana. 

Q3.Who is Man behind the development of Kho Kho in Ghana? 

A3. I am the founder of Kho-Kho in Ghana, however, I have an abled team from the SportDrive organization working hand in hand with me. 

Q4.How players are showing interest in Kho-Kho?

A4. Pre COVID19, we had some piloting sessions in about two schools where we formed two teams in as much as players were not conversant with most of the rules. It was educational and fun. However, we hope to bounce back very soon as restrictions ease in my country to continue our piloting process and recruit players for training. 

Q5.How you trained Kho-Kho Players.

A5. Pre COVID-19, We engage players with the basic skills in the playing of the game, thus; touching, chasing, squatting and dodging. We want them to get conversant before adding the technical aspect of the game. 

Q6. Recently you attended the International Coaching Camp in India. What are your views?

A6. The Coaching camp in India was successful despite Covid-19, the experts of Kho-Kho from KKFI, AKKF, IKKF did a good job in training and teaching all the necessary technicalities both theory and practical. Hospitality and the love from the people of India were top notch. KKFI provided all the needful to make the camp a great success.

Q7.Any Message to Kho-Kho lovers across the world.

A7. Kho-Kho is an interesting game that has a mental and physical health benefit. An entertaining game which improves cognitive skills and physical fitness. I encourage all passive and active Kho-Kho lovers to join the train of our Kho community.

Q8.Any message to KKFI.

A8. To KKFI, keep doing a great job for the Kho-Kho community.

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