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Celebrating a decade of commitment towards Africa

Eleven years ago, The Times of Africa began with a thread of affection that over time weaved into a lifelong relationship with the African continent. With an aspiration to ‘Bring Africa to the World’, we resolved to work for this dynamic demography and turned that resolution into a reality.

Here we are – celebrating more than a decade of commitment towards Africa. As the sun rises to mark a new day and we get a year older, we look back in anticipation. We acknowledge and appreciate this journey as The Times of Africa comes back to print after a hiatus of two years.

With information reaching readers at a blink-and-miss speed, it was important to adapt to the ever-evolving digital technology. Thus, The Times of Africa went completely digital, allowing us to provide information to our readers in real-time irrespective of their geographical position.

However, we received feedback from our readers that their bookshelves missed the presence of the hardcover. Hence, on popular demand, The Times of Africa is back in print to cater to its readers.

This is a pivotal juncture in our relationship with Africa. Through all these years, our association with Ambassadors and the esteemed staff members of all the Embassies of Africa in India and the Indian diplomatic missions in Africa has only strengthened with time. As we herald towards an era of new beginnings, we seek your support and blessings, especially the High Commissioners and Ambassadors of African missions in India.

The name of a publication stands tall only because of its readers. Thus, with a hold on the present and an eye on the future, we, The Times of Africa, endeavour to expand our reach to create awareness about the potential of the African continent. We would multiply our efforts to bring apex business organizations and political heads from all across the globe to Africa to facilitate networking, sharing of ideas, technology, knowledge and expertise. This move will act as a catalyst in realising our dream of a developed and stable African continent.

Coming to the current edition, we are aware that the world is looming under the blanket of uncertainty. Any unexpected policy decisions by the major economies may trigger a massive shock to confidence, potentially resulting in a sharp tightening of global financial conditions. Thus, it is essential to work towards an open world free of barriers.

Africa is a continent with 54 nations and India is a country with 29 states, yet both the regions face similar political and economic complexities. The leaders are, therefore, engaging in sustained efforts for canvassing the chart of mutual development to build an increasingly inclusive global market.

Our Cover Story on the 2019 CII-EXIM Bank Conclave focusses on India-Africa Project Partnership, where leaders seed ideas and collaborate together to harness change.  Read exclusive interviews of the Vice-President of Ghana and the Prime Minister of Lesotho to understand how their respective countries benefitted from the Conclave.

Simmering at the peripheries of the economic agendas is the cultural exchange between India and Africa. The warmth that is transmuted punctuates the relationship between two of the fastest growing regions in the world.

Another important event unfolded this year – the Transform Africa Summit. The coverage elucidates how following four successful editions, the fifth summit attracted 4,000 participants to highlight the technological progress the continent has made over the years.

Further, read about what are the ‘Most Admired Brands in Africa’ and explore the ‘Warm Heart of the Continent: Malawi’ – our spotlight country in this edition. Get inspired by the enduring journeys of entrepreneurship as we bring you stories of successful barons who have made their mark in Africa.

The Times of Africa takes pride in the rich culture, history, and the deep connection it has with the African community. We will keep up with our habit of fearless journalism and will continue to be the voice of the youngest continent of the world.

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