Jumia Ghana opens logistics services to third parties
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Africa’s leading eCommerce platform, Jumia has opened up  its logistics services to  for use by third parties.The company will leveraging its technology and network to meet delivery and logistics needs of businesses in Ghana for both Jumia Sellers and non Jumia sellers to deliver all types of packages, including orders placed outside Jumia.In the past, Jumia’s logistics services were reserved only for the eCommerce platform  vendors operating on its marketplace. 

Many businesses in Africa are re-examining their costs, especially during COVID-19 with logistics as a major cost driver and headache to manage. We have the right infrastructure, people, partnerships and technology required to help third parties and partners solve logistics and marketing challenges. We believe we can provide better quality of service at lower costs to help facilitate trade in Ghana and accelerate development of logistics infrastructure”. said Samuel Esiri, Jumia’s Head of Logistics Services.

Jumia Logistics will continue its operations in Ghana as usual by serving ecommerce and food vendors operating in the  marketplace. The logistics arm of the company is uniquely adapted to Africa with  its proprietary technology which aggregates demand and matches it with supply capacity on the basis of several parameters like quality of service, reachability of network and cost of delivery. 

Jumia’s unique ability to handle delivery and payments across the country to end users has opened new opportunities for us to reach our consumers in a fast efficient and effective manner, especially now with the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.” said Edward Akwetey,, Director Bloomfontein Ventures Ghana adding that there is a lot of value in Jumia’s supply chain solution with its technology integration that ensures close to real time visibility and a secure last mile delivery process of xxxxx products

“Jumia has definitely been a game changer for us at Yeschef. Sales have driven up due to their consistent on – time deliveries to our clients. Dispatch riders are very professional in their interactions with our clients. They bear in mind the busy schedules of customers and  communicate effectively when delivering. All in all, a great customer friendly service which provides convenience and value for money. “ said Rodney Mills, GM, Yes Chef Ghana

In 2019, Jumia processed more than 20 million packages in the 11 countries where it operates, thanks to the seamless integration of more than 300 logistics partners (33 in Ghana) of all sizes. In addition, partnerships with players such as Total, Vivo Energy and Ghana Post allow for an even wider presence.

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