Kenya Airways Allows Passengers to Book Extra Seat for Social Distancing
Photo source: All Africa
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Travelers looking for social distancing and flying may now book an additional seat or row on Kenya Airways (KQ). For flyers wishing to have more space for in-flight safety, the national carrier has launched Economy Max. 

Passengers can book between 48 and 3 hours of travelling a seat or row next.  A study showed in its July 2020 report that travelers are looking for ways to feel comfortable flying in the midst of the covide-19 pandemic, the International Air Transport Association (IATA). 

Passengers can buy seats and pay by credit card online. Upon purchase, they will receive a confirmation email with information on your seat allocation and flight. Passengers will pay 15 dollars for an additional seat and 20 dollars for two. 

Travelers to and from the United States in Nairobi will pay one seat $120, and two seats $230. 

For or from Europe they are paying $80 and $150 for a single seat and two seats, and for the Near-East and Asia they are paying $60 and $110. 

Airlines will charge 45 dollars for an extra seat and 80 dollars for two. The price will also apply.

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