Kenya detects New Virus Strains of Covid19
Photo source: All Africa
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Kenya is experiencing a Covid-19 nightmare after two new and more lethal variants were confirmed, amid soaring infections and lack of preparedness by county governments. The Ministry of Health on Tuesday confirmed the presence in Kenya of the South African and uk strains of the virus.

This was each day after the state reported that the new variants might be fuelling the spiralling infections and deaths. The news came because it was confirmed that a minimum of three counties haven’t any functional medical care units (ICUs) and Covid-19 isolation centres, with most such facilities in “prepared” regions being in a very bad shape, or lacking staff.

Acting Health Director-General Patrick Amoth said a minimum of 16 cases of the South African Covid-19 variant and three of the United Kingdom strain were discovered at Kemri Wellcome Trust, Kemri and Kilifi, Walter Reed Project Clinical Research Centre in Kisumu.

Data source: Nation Africa

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