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The Meteorological department and the Ministry of Water and Sanitation of Malawi have issued a warning that several regions in Central and Northern Malawi would be hit by floods. The warning as issues was signed by Principal Secretary in the Ministry Mr. Magwira. 

The flood warning was followed by the forecast from the Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services. It mentioned that the Congo air mass and InterTropical Convergence Zone will influence the weather in the Northern and Central regions of Malawi. 

Ministry stressed that the rains in the region will affect low-lying regions and are likely to cause flood the rivers, thus affecting regions around South Rukuru, Songwe, Lufiya, Kasitu, Bua, Linthipe, Dwangwa, and Lifidzi. 

The Ministry in Malawi is both urging and advising the people around the region to refrain from cultivating in the regions likely to be affected by the flood. The warning of rain and likely flood in the rivers came after the Moderate Tropical Storm ANA hit and affected the districts in the Southern Region of Malawi. This storm left thousands of families displaced, many stranded, and over 30 dead while cutting off the routes to roads and leaving hydropower stations damaged. 

President Lazarus Chakwera requested the general public to stay vigilant and avoid any settling around the regions. He also appealed for support from the international communities. While assuring the people of Malawi that the government will expedite the recovery process swiftly. 

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