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Dr. Nini Iyizoba, a Medical doctor, entrepreneur, and dedicated advocate for women’s health raised concerns over the crippling healthcare system and the dearth of awareness pertaining to a healthy lifestyle. Her voice in favour of preventive medicine gained perspective across the globe about its many benefits and the path to avert common healthcare issues. 

Nigeria, one of the poorest countries of Africa is encompassed with basic healthcare issues, especially around women who often neglect their conditions due to lack of awareness and education. However, according to Dr. Nini, preventive healthcare is a way to improve the quality of life, no matter the health disorder.

Preventive care for heath comes with its proactive nature rather than the reactive nature, which tends to highlight the potentially problematic areas in the body that might cause health issues. For example, instead of seeing a doctor after an illness, she advises consulting a doctor periodically to both save finances that might surge in the presence of a health issue, and reduce the risk of a potential health condition. 

The concept, while not adopted in most of the Nigerian landscape, brings with it an increased lifespan, long-term good health, manages weight, and avoids high medical bills. It also promotes an active lifestyle with hygienic dietary habits. 

For example, diabetes and blood sugar levels are major risk factors accelerating amongst Nigerian folks. With regular doctor appointments and proper preventive medication, not only the adverse effects of these two conditions can be contained but the quality of life can also be improved with the right guidance from doctors. This also refers to mental health screenings, that is still considered taboo amongst Nigerian people. With a sedentary lifestyle, bad dietary habits, and a monotonous schedule, regular screenings can come as a saviour for people to keep their mental health in check that in turn creates a healthy home environment. 

A pertinent example of preventing medicine can be applied to the ongoing pandemic where both vaccines, physical and mental health screening are proving a boon in the tiring times.  

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