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Finally, when it comes to Africa and its movie industry, Netflix does not just dive into the boat. Action film by Santane co-produced by South Africa and Angola was added to the streaming site. The film, with Paulo Americano, Raul Rosario Rapulana Sepheimo, is a tale of two law enforcement brothers in search of a well-known drug lord who killed their parents decades earlier. The streaming network now marks African films and shows. Netflix added a co-production of South Africa and Angola on August 28. Netflix added a film from Angola for the first time. 

It tracks the law enforcement brothers, Paulo Americano and General Matthias, as they pursue one of Africa’s most prominent drug traffickers, Ferreira (Rapulana Sepheimo). The brothers realise that as they get closer to Ferreira he is the same person who killed the parents decades before. 

The brothers are now searching for the man who stole their parents from them violently. Ferreira attempts to kill the police who chase him down in the battle lines. He flees to Cape Town and failed. The condition is on the rise and a fatal search follows. They’re looking at him and demanding justice for their parents.   

In the first 30 minutes, there was a lot of Drama to witness. The main characters were all around, predictable and quick to indicate. Treatment and deception are expected, as usual, and a sense of surprise, suspense or intrigue was lacking in the film storyline. The bad guys were overacting and they always whipped their weapons awkwardly. The pistol scenes were full of unbelievably noisy. The South African Chris Roland and Angolan Maradona Dias Dos Santos have written, directed and produced Santana. It was also shot in Angola and Cape Town. The film’s positive and negative feedback so far. 

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