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New Energy Jobs Portal at African Energy Chamber!
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The Africa Energy Chamber and the partners have introduced a free-of-access employment platform for skillfully qualified and professional African employees in order to optimize the savings of local jobs and help to recover African energy markets following the COVID 19 crisis. At, the collaborative platform offers Africans the latest jobs opportunities across the continent’s energy markets. 

The platform will help local and international companies attract local talent to 30 different skills in the fields of oil & gas, energy and renewable energy. All the energy firms operating in Africa can post their jobs gratuitously and, following the approval of the Chamber administration and team, will be forwarded on the website and on communications networks. In order to avoid all scams and guarantee the credibility of the offers available the African Energy Chamber will operate and maintain the job portal. 

The African Energy Chamber’s executive chairman, Nj Ayuk said, “the African Energy Chamber has always placed local content at the number one priority in advocating an energy industry that works for Africans and develops genuinely sustainable business models. We are removing a number of entrance barriers by expensive recruitment agencies from this new platform. This Chamber ‘s initiative is non-profit, and we encourage everyone in Africa and abroad to work with us to boost local jobs created to help our industry recover and build true sustainability.”

The African Energy Chamber encourages all African talent-seeking companies throughout the energy industry to directly submit their job opportunities online. Any corresponding requests can be sent to 

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