Nigeria doctors strike
Photo credit: Nigerian doctors call off strike over lack of PPE
Photo source: Reuters
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Nigerian doctors who had started a strike on 15 June have now called off welfare and inadequate protective equipment as new coronavirus cases hit the country. The strike was started by the National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD), representing some 40 per cent of Nigeria’s doctors, and was lead on last Monday but was given medics to the coronavirus patients.

The association gave a statement that the group’s leaders decided to call off the strike action from Monday, June 22, by 08:00 am local time (07:00 GMT). The decision was followed by the involvement by state governors and others, to give the government the time to fulfil the demands. The organisation had called the strike over the main reason to give the Government some time for hazard pay to those working close to the virus.

Data source: NARD Report

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