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THE TIMES OF AFRICA, on the occasion of 3rd India Africa Forum Summit produced a Special Supplement on Tanzania. This supplement has talked in detail about the fruitful visit of His Excellency Dr. Jakaya Kikwete, the President of Tanzania to India, where he has urged Indian companies to discover, develop and devote in the flourishing sectors of the country. The Government has also exhilarated private sector led growth through restoration of market forces and less Government intervention in commercial activities. The country (Tanzania) he is heading is relatively diversified and a number of opportunities remain unexploited in many sectors thus offer a wide range of opportunities to potential investors. Manufacturing sector is at its beginning stage with few exploited areas major exports been conquered by unprocessed agricultural commodities. Investment in manufacturing influences economic growth of any country henceforth the government has ceaselessly endeavouring to develop the business environment to make Tanzania a good investment destination. Without doubt, Tanzanian government under his leadership has embarked on many economic reforms aimed at tempting investment including formulation of investment policy.

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