Opportunities for Technology Startups in Africa
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Technology sectors contribute immensely towards the economic growth and modernization of a country. Using efficient methods, latest tools, digitalisation and automation, all parts of engineering, the lives of the masses get improved. Not only that, but it also helps in improving connectivity and communication across sectors, while employing a massive workforce. Africa is slowly and steadily positioning itself globally as an investment destination for the technology startup businesses.

Infrastructure is a primary requirement for technology to flourish. Which includes proper internet connectivity, road, air and rail networks, logistics and other infrastructural adjuncts. But as per the current scenario, the import freight charges in East and West Africa are still considerably higher than in Asia. Besides, the landlocked countries are either only connected through air traffic or not connected at all. This results in increased costs of raw materials, which ultimately transforms into increased prices of end products as well. However, despite these bottlenecks, many countries in Africa are gradually developing and upgrading their infrastructure in order to attract more foreign investments. 

A lot of startup businesses that have already emerged in Africa, and are doing pretty good can be listed as:

DabaDoc — Morocco

This is an online app which enables the booking of doctors’ appointments online. Launched in 2014, it has more than 2000 doctors registered. The app is currently operational in Algeria, Tunisia, South Africa and Nigeria.

Printivo — Nigeria

The company provides printing designs and solutions. It delivers everything, i.e. from printing business cards to catalogues and brochures and even printing over fabrics. Known for its high-quality and timely product deliverables, it currently aims to expand its operations throughout Africa. 

Flare — Kenya

A Nairobi based firm, it provides software solutions for emergency response and medical transfer services. The company offers a unique reporting system along with location tracking options on ambulances and other vehicles.

SafeMotos — Rwanda

Africa’s Uber app, the service provides cabs and motorcycles for ride bookings over the internet. A state-of-the-art GPS tracking system integrated into the platform measures and analyses the driving speeds, locations and more, of the registered vehicles.

RecycloBekia — Egypt

Dealing with the green recycling of electronic wastes, the company collects obsolete, discarded and unwanted electrical and electronic parts, for dismantling and recycling them. Founded in 2011 with a small capital of $1000, the business today owns a corpus worth more than $2 million.

Besides the local enterprises, many multinational giants are also setting up their high-tech labs in the continent. In 2019, Google had launched its Artificial Intelligence Centre in Accra, Ghana. The centre today attracts talented minds from across the continent. Microsoft and Huawei are also present in Africa and are already planning their next expansion. Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa are topping the list as the best destinations for technology startups, due to their superior digital connectivity.

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