Roll Ball Federation Ghana
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The Roll Ball Federation Ghana is appealing for corporate and individual support to hasten the development of the sport in Ghana. The sport touted by many with huge potentials have been struggling to up the imminence of international assignment despite the frantic effort towards the organization of democratic activities. 

As part of activities to keep the players prepared for future tournaments, the federation organized the 18th Roll Ball Anniversary Cup last weekend which saw Litz RBC winning the glittering trophy in the finals. 

The president of the federation Johnson Gameli has called on the corporate bodies and various institutions to come to their aid. 

“We are doing our best to give these guys the platform to exhibit their talents. We have qualified for the West African Roll Ball Championships Cup and most importantly the Word Cup. The federation is determined to make a huge impact in Dakar and Dubai but this can only be possible if we get the financial and logistical assistance from Ghanaian. We are pleading they support us to keep the the glory high” – President of RBF

Ghana is part of the 16 teams to participate in the West African Roll Ball Championship which runs from September 25th – 29th, 2021. Ghana will wrap up the year in Dubai after qualifying for the Roll Ball World Cup in December 2021.

Data Source: Roll Ball Federation

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