Senegal women Keeping pottery tradition alive!
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Holding the pottery tradition alive is a boon for Senegalese people. This outdoor pottery workshop is where they spend the majority of their days working with their hands and enjoying themselves. Pottery is a culture and an art in Casamance, a village in the south of the country. Generations have passed down their understanding of pottery and how to make it.

A local artisan,  Arocky Coly, a lady in her 70s, is the guardian of the pottery temple:

“I have been here for over 20 years. I started with my elders but they can not come anymore thanks to their advanced age, others have even died. But we hardly gain anything in our work,” She said. “Sometimes we produce tons of vases that find yourself breaking. But that does not discourage us. As long as I am still alive, I will continue to support the younger ones.

Today it’s with a way of duty that Arocky sees things evolving. In addition to pottery, women are now engaged in other activities like producing soap, processing fruit and making clay stoves.

Data source: Africa news

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