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What does women empowerment mean to you? Does one have to be a feminist to support women empowerment? And what does feminism stand for? As many people, as many interpretations! The essence, however, of all the political and social movements, ideologies and belief is EQUALITY OF THE SEXES. Many would argue that if the core of the concern is equality, then why give special emphasis on the upliftment of women? Because since the ancient era, women have been subjected to suppression and inequality; they have been denied the right to make decisions about their own life. And this had to change! One of the tools to bring about that change is by increasing the representation and participation of women in the economic territory. Today, we see women carving their space in the male –dominated corporate world. However, it is the informal sector where women are really ruling the roost. In our cover story, Women and the Formula of Informal Economy, we bring cases of the markets of three African nations – Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana – and how women have moved from the consumer to the trader side of the business. Read our extensive coverage on the BRICS Summit 2018 and the 73rd United Nations General Assembly, where leaders from across the world gathered to brainstorm solutions on the burning global issues of the century. In Focus is our analysis on how the entire city of Cape Town ran ‘almost’ completely out of water. Explore with us our Spotlight Country Ghana and unleash your Power of Discernment for life is all about the choices we make!

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