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A heated war of words began between the Somali Minister and a UK MP, that pushed the recognition of the Somaliland breakaway region. Somalia Minister Gamal M Hassan in this war of words accused UK MP Gavin Williamson of his insufficient facts of the Somalia issue. 

MP Gavin Williamson on Wednesday tabled a motion in the UK parliament about the recognition of Somaliland. His motion of making Somaliland an independent state however would be adjourned after extensive consideration by the members and the House speaker. He later tweeted that the consensus shows the lack of political understanding on the ground. 

Somaliland overthrew the military dictator in its region in 1991 and declared independence, however, it has not been officially recognized as an independent state by any country.

Reiterating to his tweet, the current Economic planning and development minister of Somalia, Gamal M Hassan tweeted that the statements of Mr. Williamson reflected on his ignorance of the ground reality. He also said that Mr. Williamson was already fired from his own government on grounds of leaking national security information and someone like him has no business in meddling in other country’s sensitive issues.

Mr. Williamson was the defense minister in the UK government but was sacked in 2019 after a leak occurred in the top-level National security council. 

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