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Following a mixed reaction from the South African community representatives, Khoi and San, the Cape Town High Court halted the construction of Amazon’s new project in South Africa temporarily. The project of Amazon’s headquarters in Cape Town is said to have been planned on the South African scared land, as believed by the indigenous people.  

The High Court of South Africa has ordered Amazon to consult the local people and till any further notice, the project would remain ceased. One of the community members and spokesperson of Goringhaicona Khoena Council, Tariq Jenkins welcomed the court order and said that the decision would stop the tech giant from proceeding with construction, making a remark that their heritage is not for sale.

While giving the judgment, the High Court of Western Cape Town Division said that with the commencement of the Amazon headquarter project, the fundamental right to heritage and culture is under threat, especially to the indigenous groups of Khoi and San.  

While Amazon did not respond to the email request asking for a comment on the court ruling, Tariq Jenkins said that the indigenous groups would not proceed with the favourable prospects of the ruling made by the High Court.

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