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The health ministry of Tanzania launched the vaccination drive for yellow fever. This announcement was made after a yellow fever outbreak crippled the health sector of Tanzania. This outbreak was recorded in the neighbouring areas of Kenya. 

The health ministry of Kenya had announced the yellow fever outbreak one week before. It was reported that almost fifteen people contracted the disease and three people of them were confirmed dead by yellow fever.

Ummy Mwalimu, the Tanzania politician directed the provincial referral hospital official authorities in the region to begin administrating the vaccination dosage to all those people who are travelling out of the nation. 

Ummy Mwalimu has also directed the authorities who are responsible for supervising the health concerns at the border areas to get into the possibilities of providing electronic vaccination certification to handle the challenges of fake certificates and manage the issue properly. Additionally, she has also called on the Tanzanian people to undertake precautions on yellow fever, so that the disease does not penetrate the nation. It is also to ensure that the environment is secure, clean and hygienic to mitigate mosquitoes from breeding.

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