Diamond Platnumz
Data source: Nairobi News
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Bongo Flava star Diamond Platnumz whose real name is Naseeb Abdul Juma. He supported her mother’s assertion about his father. He claimed that Mzee Abdul Naseeb Juma wasn’t his biological father as many believe. That came after Diamond’s mother, Bi Sandra alias Mama Dangote, shocked everyone with her revelation. She revealed that Mzee Abdul Naseeb Juma wasn’t his star son’s real father.

Mama Dangote’s revelations followed claims by Mzee Abdul that he had been neglected by his good looking superstar son after photos of him hawking in Dar es Salaam went viral. Mzee Abdul seemed to blame his ex-wife for allegedly discouraging his son from helping him.

She claimed that she got hitched to Mzee Abdul. But she was already pregnant with Diamond. That pregnancy was from a previous relationship. But her new husband knew and accepted it. consistent with Bi Sandra, Mzee Abdul had agreed to boost the baby together with her but when Diamond was born he fled when the musician was just a toddler leaving her to struggle to boost him.

Data source: Nairobi News

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