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Saidu Faskari, a 65-year old Nigerian man who tried to sell his roof sheets for raising a ransom amount for his abducted son has received thousands of naira from the people. Saidu’s 17-year old son was kidnapped last December in the northwest region of Katsina state, and they demanded a ransom of 100,000 nairas ($242).

This incident happened after Saidu himself was kidnapped and his son took 50,000 nairas to the kidnappers to release his father. Kidnappers then abducted the son and released his father while demanding a double amount for his release.

A neighbour of Saidu posted a video of him taking down his roofing sheets that went viral on the internet which invited hundreds of people to donate for the gesture and he received thousands of naira in the form of donations. While it is uncertain how much has been received through social media, Saidu Faskari said that he requests people to stop sending money now, as the target has been achieved. 

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