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Africa has and is still witnessing great women doing amazing work in the front seat and back seat of every professional and household vertical. In the tech/e-commerce area, African women are making their presence felt with a stroke of success. 

This article brings to you 4 such women from Ghana, Africa who are making a mark and striving high with immense potential for others to be influenced and carve their identity. 

  1. Tolulope George-Yanwah (CEO, Jumia Ghana)

A truly passionate woman about growth and innovation, Tolulope George-Yanwah, the CEO of Jumia Ghana comes from the e-commerce world with a knack for resourcefulness and staying committed to progress. Ms. Tolu was born in Nigeria and earned her education at Lagos University.

At her professional front, she leads a team of driven young minds in the Ghana region with whom she has successfully accelerated the organization to become one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Ghana. 

She has a successful and revered professional career to boast of her expertise and talent. She has held the roles of VP and country manager of Jumia logistics earlier and has served as the Regional dispatch operations manager, field expansion manager, and field distribution manager at MDS logistics.  

2. Mrs. Patricia Obo-Nai (CER, Vodafone Ghana)

Patricia Obo-Nai is a passionate and self-driven woman of strength who has proved her leadership skills over the span of 20 years of professional experience in the telecommunication industry. Mrs. Patricia Obo-Nai has remained a commercial leader in the business world of Ghana, Africa with the committed expertise in returning high value to stakeholders through her expertise, knowledge, business skills, and highly motivated team. 

She has the experience of working with various multinational companies and tech giants such as Vodaphone Ghana, Millicom Ghana while keeping key positions in the organizations. Her amazing journey, knack for business, and professionalism have inspired many young women in Africa to make a mark for themselves in the business world and beyond. 

3. Anita Wiafe-Asinor (Founder/CEO, OML Africa & GWIB)

Anita Wiafe-Asinor, the founder and CEO of OML Africa & GWIB, is a woman of myriad talents, endeavours, and expertise. Ms. Anita has held many important positions in her career, among which executive secretary of the E-commerce Association of Ghana (ECAG) and her current profile are some. 

She did her graduation from both Birkbeck University, London, and London Metropolitan University. While staying focused on her professional journey, Ms. Anita intends and aims to break the shackles surrounding women in business and wants to raise awareness on gender equality benefits in the workplace, while providing a family-friendly environment, equal pay, policies on workplace sexual harassment. 

4. Miishe Addy (Co-Founder & CEO, Jetstream Africa) 

Miishe Addy is the Co-founder and CEO of Jetstream Africa and has 12 years of experience in the verticals of strategy, analysis & legal transactions. Her professional experience also includes working for Wachtell Lipton and Bain & Company in New York, as the top-ranked analyst. 

Ms. Miishe has also worked for some of the leading development organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa, the United States of America, and South America. Her past work organizations include ProMujer, TechnoServe, and Global Partnerships. Ms. Miishe Addy earned her BA (Hons) in Philosophy from Harvard College and completed her JD from Stanford College. 

She has also served for MEST Africa as a fellow in Ghana. Accra. It was here that she mentored software entrepreneurs who were aspiring to make it big in the business industry. Her perspective on women empowerment includes but is not restricted to girls raising to become future leaders and game-changers in the society and the business world through determination, self-belief, and hard work.

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