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Kais Saied, the Tunisian president has said in his speech that he will allow the general public of Tunisia to comment on his reforms and proposals. He also said that he would hold a referendum on the change in constitutional policies in the month of July.

Kais Saied seized the executive power in Tunisia last year after suspending parliament, which in the words of critics was referred to as a coup. He now is asking his voters to give their political views, however, only 6% of Tunisia’s population participated in the online poll. 

Mr Saied’s comments of public view on his reforms came after thousands of Tunisia’s residents came out and protested against him by shouting “bring down the president”. Critics in the country are saying that Mr President is acting as a barrier to his own authority and is moving ahead by restricting the civil liberties which were gained during the Arab Spring revolt in the year 2011. 

According to Mr Saied, the reforms introduced by him would eventually end the years of paralysis in the government and the dilapidating economic growth in the country.

Tunisia has been battling food shortages, financial woes and unemployment and Mr Saied claims to put an end to all this through his reforms and policies.

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