Uganda miss out on AFCON 2021 after loss to Malawi
Photo credit: Uganda "Cranes" national football team
Photo source: Africa news
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Uganda’s national eleven , the Cranes, did not clinch an area for AFCON 2021 after a narrow loss to Malawi 1-0 in the final qualifier match played in Blantyre. Malawi joined Burkina Faso in B, displacing Uganda who held the second position after last week’s draw in Kampala.

Malawi’s sole goal came through a header from their striker Richard Mbulu at the 15th minute, getting past Uganda’s goalkeeper Dennis Onyango. Uganda dominated the play with fierce attacks but the house team stood still in their defense while also deploying time-wasting tactics.

The Uganda Cranes only needed a point in group B but the hosts were in for maximum points. This is the third time Malawi will feature within the upcoming AFCON 2021 in Cameroon, given their previous appearances in 1984 and 2010.

Data source: AFCON and News Agencies

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