Uganda Suspends flights from India
Photo source: Pixabay
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Uganda has suspended all flights  arriving from India in the country after scrutinizing new variants of the coronavirus, including the new COVID-19 variant from India. The ban began Saturday at midnight. The new directive was issued after the Ministry of Health researchers discovered one case of the coronavirus disease, an Indian variant, within the country.

India has thus far recorded quite 18.8 million COVID-19 cases, with deaths topping 200,000 within the past week — with new infection cases surpassing 400,000. Uganda’s minister for health, Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, outlined the travel restrictions.

She said, “All passenger flights have been suspended between Uganda and India until further notice comes”. “No travelers from India shall be allowed into Uganda, regardless of the route of travel.” Aceng stressed that each one of the travelers who may be in India or traveled through India in the last 14 days, will not be allowed into Uganda.

Data source: VOA news

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