Yellow Fever – Enugu targets 710,149 more residents for Vaccination
Photo source: All Africa
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The Enugu government (Nigeria) has extended its yellow fever vaccination to 3 government areas now. They are now targeting 710,149 more residents. Dr George Ugwu, Executive Secretary of Enugu State Primary Health Care Development Agency(ENS-PHCDA) made the announcement for vaccination during the weekend.

As announced by Dr Ugwu, the new council areas being covered included; Nkanu East, Uzo Uwani and Enugu East. He said that the vaccination within the three council areas had already begun for 10 days thus, running from 9th to 18th January.

Dr Ugwu urged residents of the council areas to go to Primary Healthcare Centres. He targeted people between the ages of nine months and 44 years. He also said other health facilities and specially designated places are offering vaccination free-of-charge. As he said that so far, they have been able to cover nine council areas. They are hoping it might soon reach all council areas within the state to make sure our people are well-protected from the disease.

Data source: Vanguard

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