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While Kenya is often known as the home of elephants, lions, stunning beaches, talented athletes, what is missed in the popularity is its delicacies constituting almost 43 cuisines from traditional and ethnic communities. The East African haven for food lovers boasts of amazingly delicious ingredients making their way into the country’s soul, amalgamated decades of love. From delicacies that can turn heart-warming to the ones that take you on a cultural ride of Kenya, the country speaks of palatable cuisines.

  1. Ugali : The staple food in most Kenyan households, ugali is undeniably one of the most loved delicacies, especially in the western regions of Africa. This white dense cake is made from corn flour which is stirred in boiling water until it becomes a thick consistency. While the flavour of Ugali is not what it is known for, it is the accompaniment of this cuisine that makes it so popular. Ugali is often served with collard greens, kale or meaty stew to bring out the flavourful experience and create an epic accompaniment for the delicacy. No matter what you choose to accompany this dish with, it will definitely leave your belly full and your heart fuller.
  1. Nyama Choma : There is no match to a delicacy when it is slow-cooked for exuding its real taste and texture. The Kenyan cuisine of Nyama Choma is exactly the one made by supple cuts of grilled meat on coal fires to give it an exotic smoky taste. The final achieved taste is beyond smoky with the addition of crunchy exterior and succulent interior flesh that is exuding aromatic flavour. The best part is that you can cook Nyama Choma from either pork, beef, chicken, or goat meat, anything that pleases your tastebuds. You can serve the delicacy on a wooden platter by the side of kachumbari and a pinch of salt to whet your appetite and offer you the authentic Kenyan experience.
  1. Mandazi : Who does not like donuts! Well, for the love of donuts, Mandazi will be the perfect Kenyan donut replacement that you could ever taste. These puffy Kenyan donuts are an indigenous delicacy of Africa and are amazingly sumptuous, enjoyed with a cup of tea. The best part is you can have any flavour you want, from coconut to cinnamon and have a bite accompanied with your evening tea. You will find this sweet delicacy everywhere in Kenya from schools, workplaces to cafes, food carts and homes.
  1. Githeri : Githeri, once called the food of the poor is now one of the sumptuous delicacies in Kenya. It is a stew that is primarily made from beans and maize, which are readily available in the country. This nothing-out-of-ordinary meal has made it to the top food list of Kenya for the mere fact of the cooking evolution in the cuisine and the enhanced cooking skills required to make it.  It has become a regular meal on most Kenyan plates which is a blend of spices, diced potatoes, vegetables, carrots, and practically any other ingredient you please. Moreover, you can enjoy this cuisine on the side of avocado, making it an extravagant dish savouring the high-end restaurants.
  1. Pilau : Pilau is the spiced dish known in the coastal community of Kenya, the Swahili community. This dish is widely recognised for its method of cooking, making the cuisine a piece of art. The delicacy is cooked by first cooing rice in a meaty spiced broth, which takes a golden shade and aroma that whirls far ends and then fade away. Once the rice is cooked, a number of spices such as cinnamon, cumin, ginger, cardamom, garlic, cloves etc are used for an aromatic flavour. Pilau is the dish Kenyans do not miss during wedding ceremonies or engagement functions or any special event.

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